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ScarletVirgo comes up by the union of three friends, who have put together their skills to create a line of bags and backpacks completely handmade. It’s a brand inspired by the urban vibes of our city, and each product is eclectic and unique. We love the Earth, that’s why we only use Italian supplies in total respect for Nature.



Casa Madre is our headquarter, it’s the place where our ideas take shape. At Casa Madre you will find our laboratory and our shop. These two areas are separated by a glass door, so that when you come to visit us you can see, smell and touch the products on display at the shop, and at the same time you can see-through our laboratory, where at any time of the day we’re creating other ScarletVirgo products.  We love getting in touch with our customers! So feel free to come and visit us, we’ll be happy to give you all our attention and assistance. We’re here to fulfill our customers’ needs: if you have a groundbreaking idea for a new backpack, or if you want a 100% custom bag created especially for you, come to visit us and tell us about your idea. At Casa Madre you will also find a huge collection of fabrics and materials collected over the years, so come to visit us and indulge in the realization of your unique piece!


Each ScarletVirgo takes shape at the end of a long journey. We start from your need first, then we think about a bag model suitable for city life, we study its characteristics, the volume and we develop a sample.  Afterwards we test its materials and its comfort, in order to make changes when necessary until we are fully satisfied of it.


We spend a lot of time trying new materials for our products. We work with a selection of trusted Italian suppliers, who have a lot to offer in terms of quality and creativity. We constantly challenge ourselves in trying to improve our products’ durability and strength, keeping up with the top standards of style and uniqueness that qualify all ScarletVirgo products.


In the Western world, our purchases are often driven by a consumerist impulse that prioritizes quantity over quality. We have other values, though. Our project is against the grain; we want to raise awareness on what true quality is. This is why we carefully handmade all our products. Every purchase of a ScarletVirgo is a conscious and sustainable choice.


We always give our customers the chance to customize their ScarletVirgo accessory. We have created a custom section here in CasaMadre where you can choose fabric’s fantasy, color and material’s combination, hooks and zippers, add pockets and shoulder straps length…Briefly, we can satisfy every desire for uniqueness and style. Come and visit us at Casa Madre, look through all the options and realize your bespoken ScarletVirgo piece.


Casa Madre è il luogo dove prende vita ScarletVirgo, è un luogo unico nel cuore di Milano, uno spazio che unisce il laboratorio dove realizziamo tutti i prodotti direttamente al negozio. Una vetrata divide gli spazi lasciando i visitatori liberi di curiosare e poter ammirare come vengono realizzate le borse e interagire con il laboratorio.
Amiamo il contatto diretto senza intermediari, è la forza di CasaMadre, questo ci permette di offrire assistenza a 360° sul prodotto, permettendo di creare zaini e borse personalizzati a seconda delle necessità e del gusto del cliente. Altro punto di forza è un vasto campionario di stoffe e materiali raccolti negli anni con cui i clienti posso sbizzarrirsi nella realizzazione del loro pezzo unico.